Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Surfer

I have recently become addicted to blog surfing as I search out new tutorials. This fall I turned a very small second floor bedroom into my sewing room. However, I haven’t been able to enjoy the new room due to back surgery in October. I am 7 weeks post op from a T-Lift procedure and about the only thing I can do at the moment is surf the internet, watch TV or sleep. I am lucky to be married to a network engineer, so our house is wireless allowing me to surf and watch TV from almost any room. I have ADD tendencies so I have issues doing only one thing; therefore I can blog surf and watch HGTV at the same time, another addiction! I am hoping to soon be able to sit long enough to sew since I have a list of sewing projects for Christmas. While I have a fairly new embroidery sewing machine, I recently got a Singer Slant-o-matic sewing machine for sewing on heavier fabrics. After breaking a number of needles on the other machine, I realized it wasn’t going to allow me to sew than one layer of the heavier material! Lol

In my surfing, I have found so many tutorials; I have had to create a database to organize them. So part of my time is spent on entering information into the database. Hopefully as I get acquainted with Blogger, I can share some of my finds. I am looking forward to interacting with sewers and crafters around the world!

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