Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Suburban Jubilee: Waffle Crotchet Tutorial - From Blankets to Dishcl...

Suburban Jubilee: Waffle Crotchet Tutorial - From Blankets to Dishcl...: You may remember in the Wash Your Washcloths post a dish cloth featured and I said I would show you the stitch.... Here 'tis. It's... I can see a new project in my future!

The Happy Lil' Homemaker: Natural Sinus Remedies

The Happy Lil' Homemaker: Natural Sinus Remedies:   These are easy to prepare and safe to use for sinus problems, nasal congestion and blocked noses. Nasal Wash What you need: A han... I have horrible sinus issues so I am going to have to try these! Has anyone ever used these tips?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rinny's Beauty Diary: Tutorial: DIY No Sew DSLR Camera Bag Insert

Rinny's Beauty Diary: Tutorial: DIY No Sew DSLR Camera Bag Insert: Ever since I bought my Canon T3i, I have been looking for a camera bag that would allow me to both protect it and look stylish while doing ... I just have to find the right purse! Someone gave me a 35 mm SLR camera with lenses so now I just need a bag! However, I am not feeling up to sewing one at the moment! I was so excited to find this tutorial!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

2012 Reflections

Well, my launch of my blog last year came to a screeching halt after my first post. Having had back surgery a few months earlier resulted in my hardware coming loose. So back to surgery I went in early March after a horrible period of pain before surgery. Thankfully the second surgery went well. 

In my recovery, I worked on a family reunion for my father's side of the family. The reunion was held in August. My father was 89 and his sister three years younger, so I knew if we were going to have a family reunion, 2012 was going to have to be it! The reunion was a great success and my father and his sister were the bells of the ball. It was hard to get close to them since everyone wanted to visit first.

Unfortunately, things took a turn after the reunion. My father had some issue in the months prior to the reunion. Then the summer heat forced him on several occasions to come to my house where it was cool. On one of those visits he asked me what I would do if he happened to pass before the reunion. I joked with him and said after telling him he was going to live to be a hundred; however if he did, we would put him on ice and have the funeral and reunion on the same day. I think he took me literally. The reunion was on August 25th and my father passed away on September 19th!

The rest of 2012 was spent trying to adjust to the loss of my second parent. My mother passed almost 20 years ago. I am still trying to adjust but getting through the holidays has helped. So hopefully this new year will be the year for my blog! If I can just curb my addiction to Pinterest! (smile)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 - Hopefully getting the bad out of the way first!

Well, I had hoped to have a bunch of pictures up showing all of my Christmas sewing. However, I ended up in the hospital on New Year's Day! Complications from my back surgery. Thankfully I only had to stay one night. However, I started PT this week and hope to work out some of the issues there. I need to be up and moving by Spring this year! We bought a new house almost three years ago and I have been grounded due to two ruptured discs for most of that time. So I am looking forward to being able to plant flowers this spring! Yesterday, I finished a five day online workshop for my teaching role so I should be able to focus on other things now. Watch for pictures soon!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Running Out of Time!

Whew, I have been a sewing manic the last couple of weeks. I will post pictures of some of the things I've made when I finish all my last minute items, have them wrapped and under the tree. I sooooooo have to start earlier next year! I will still be sewing gifts after tomorrow since we won't meet up with my husband's side until later. That gives me a little time to finish my mother-n-law's gift. I had other items I wanted to make but just ran out of time. Did you ever find the saying "my eyes were bigger than my stomach" kind'a applies to sewing? That seems to be my reality this Christmas since I planned a lot more things to sew than I have been able to finish.

Given the fact I am out of work this Christmas due to back surgery, this Christmas will be made up of mainly homemade gifts. Apparently we are not the only family in this situation this year since my sister called to let us know she was doing homemade gifts this year for the my girls due to limited funds.

I hope everyone likes their gifts even though they are not store bought expensive items from their Christmas lists!

Merry Christmas Everyone!